Kikinben is a UK and Bangladesh based IT startup company founded by two cousins with a vision to create an online marketplace accessible easily by everyone in Bangladesh. From day one of Kikinben, we have identified that there is a massive shortage of skilled and experienced IT workers in Bangladesh, as a result, we had to move some of our IT jobs to India, UK, and USA. To overcome this issue, we are investing heavily in Bangladesh to provide free IT training and creating jobs for IT trainees. We dream one day, we will turn our abundant manpower into the Financial power.

Ronnie Rahman, Founder

Ronnie has over 15 years of IT experience working mostly for FTSE 100 companies in the UK. Back in 1999, in his university days in Bangladesh, from his bedroom, he started an online portal called e-Bangali dot com. Due to lack of sufficient funding at student life and subsequent move to UK, he couldn't' continue with his first ever startup dream. After 18 years he realises that it is time again to fulfill his dream.

Saydur Rahman, Co-founder

Saydur has over 12 years of running successful multiple businesses in Bangladesh. He is the owner of Dhaka Builders which is one of the largest cement distributor company in Bangladesh. While he is not busy at work, he loves to take care of his 9 cats.