Bioré Clear & Bright Jelly Cleanser Face Wash 110ml

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Biore’s Brightening Jelly Cleanser is positioned as a pore-purifying solution for combination to oily skin – but contains some ingredients that could have the opposite impact. Packaged in an opaque squeeze tube, this cleanser’s gel texture has small beads throughout. The beads aren’t harsh or unevenly-sized, so they can provide gentle manual exfoliation. We found this cleanser also did a good job removing dirt, oil, and most makeup, and rinsed cleanly. While it performs well in key areas, the reason it doesn’t rate highly is because of the multitude of irritating ingredients it contains, including a very potent citrus scent that lingers. There’s more fragrance here than any of the star ingredients advertised, yet fragrance, whether natural or synthetic, causes irritation. This in turn can increase oil production and result in even more clogged pores (see More Info below for details). This also contains yuzu extract, a citrus extract that also poses a risk of skin and eye irritation. Biore says it’s here because it’s a source of vitamin C and can brighten skin, but there are numerous other forms of vitamin C that don’t pose a risk of irritating skin. On the upside, there’s barely any yuzu present (not to mention this is also rinsed from skin, so it has very little impact as far as benefits). In the end, it’s best to skip this, and select a superior option from our list of best cleansers instead.
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